Deadly Families Project

Deadly Young Warriors is an amalgamation of our previous projects Deadly Jargums and Street Smart. It is targeted towards Aboriginal young people aged 7-18 years old, living in or connected to the Inner West and Inner City LGA’s of Sydney. We adopt an early intervention, prevention and diversion and target young people who are justice involved or at risk of justice involvement, coming to the attention of police,, engaging in substance misuse, anti-social and risky behaviours.

Deadly Young Warriors is delivered through a range of community led, purpose-driven activities, including;

  • After school and holiday programs which promote pro-social activities and cultural connection
  • School suspension programs
  • Individual and group mentoring
  • Empowerment through educational program
  • Harm minimisation, crime prevention and specific educational promotional activities
  • Information, referral and advocacy
Deadly Young Warriors is designed to;

  • Strengthen Aboriginal children’s and young people’s connection to culture and identity
  • Improve school engagement
  • Provide accessible, pro social activities to the young peopleDevelop social and emotional skills
  • Provide mentoring
  • Reduce anti social and risky behaviours
  • Provide links to support for children and their families
  • Reduce justice involvement for young people, including specialised justice support and advocacy
We adopt a holistic approach and engage with the family as a whole to better understand all the individual’s needs while supporting the development, resilience and building community cohesiveness.

Our staff target those young people who may be disconnected from services, culture, family, education/employment and community in order facilitate re-engagement with services and strengthen their cultural identity which serves as a protective factor.

Our primary aim is to improve mental health, reduce anti-social and risky behaviours to improve community safety and reduce the disproportionate rate of Aboriginal young people coming into contact with the justice system.

Overall, Deadly Young Warriors is designed to empower jargums and young people to increase/maintain their self-confidence, develop their skills, capacity and strengthen cultural identity.


  • Living in or connected to the Inner West or City of Sydney LGA’s
  • Aboriginal child/young person aged 7-18 years old
  • Priority given to those who are systems involved or at risk of systems involvement (justice system, child protection system).