Meet The Team



Steven Caruana is a human rights advocate, policy and detention monitoring specialist. He is the Coordinator of the Australia OPCAT Network, a coalition of non-government organisations, academics, statutory officer holders and oversight bodies interested in preventive human rights monitoring of closed institutions under the UN Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture.

Steven is currently involved in monitoring designated mental health units in NSW and has experience previously monitoring aged care facilities, immigration detention and correctional facilities. In addition to this work, Steven is a Churchill Fellow, Ambassador for the Human Rights Measurement Initiative and Co-editor of the External Prison Oversight and Human Rights Network newsletter.

Steven is involved with Deadly Connections because he sees Keenan and Carly and their staff live out their truth everyday. Connection to culture, healing and being truely rooted to the community is at the heart of everything Deadly Connections stands for and does.




Trinka is a hardworking Family Specialist involved with our Deadly Families Program. Trinka aims to equip families with the knowledge, skills and support networks that they need in order to reduce the risk of child protection involvement. Trinka ensures that all of her work is imbued with trust, transparency and authenticity, to ensure a mutually respectful environment whereby everyone involved is given the opportunity to build their own future.

Trinka’s daily work is fuelled by seeing individuals and families reach their full potential, setting and achieving their own goals and ultimately living full, meaningful lives. Keeping families together and standing up against injustice are the main reasons that Trinka became involved with Deadly Connections.

Trinka has a bachelor’s degree in social work, along with training in trauma-informed care. Trinka also has lived experiences of the child protection and justice systems, drug use and recovery, which have instilled strong personal values that are strictly aligned with social justice and human rights.

Trinka knows firsthand what it is like to feel misunderstood, what it feels like to be discriminated against and marginalised because you born into a certain set of circumstances. Trinka has helped many people on their post-prison journey, people of all ages, providing holistic person-centred services to many individuals with wide ranging needs.