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About Us

Deadly Connections Our Truth


First Nations people of Australia are grossly over represented in the child protection and justice systems. This involvement perpetuates a cycle of inter generational grief, loss, trauma and disadvantage.

True lived experience, culture, healing, self-determination and a deep community connection must be the heart and soul of all work with First Nations people and communities.

Deadly Connections Our Purpose


Deadly Connections positively disrupts intergenerational disadvantage, grief, loss and trauma by providing holistic, culturally responsive interventions and services to First Nations people and communities, particularly those who have been impacted by the child protection and/or justice systems.

Deadly Connections Our Vision


To break cycles of disadvantage, trauma, child protection and justice involvement so First Nations people of Australia can thrive not just survive.

Deadly Connections Our Work


We place culture, healing, true lived experience, deep community connections and self- determination at the centre of all we do. 

We embody and embed holistic, community- based, decolonising approaches to connecting First Nations people to their cultural, inner and community strength. 

We advocate and collaborate to improve justice and child protection systems.

Deadly Connections Our Approach


Life Course – we recognise the connections across all stages and domains in life, intervention and change can occur at any stage of a person’s life span. 

Decolonising – we challenge the dominance, values and methods of imposed colonial systems, practices and beliefs. 

Self-Determination – Aboriginal people, families and communities are experts of their own lives, with solutions to the challenges we face and their own agents for change. 

Healing Centred Engagement – a holistic healing model that adopts culture, spirituality, community action and collective healing.

  • Disrupting Disadvantage and Trauma, Developing Deadly Futures
  • Built by the Community for the Community
  • Building Stronger and Safer Communities, Reimagining Justice
  • Breaking the Cycle, Developing Positive Pathways and Opportunities for Change
  • Developing a Deadly Future